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Mg Laycock Overdrive Serial Number

. So will you help me. I bought an early 70's MG 1600 with a Laycock overdrive. I . Question 1: Was I understanding the serial number correctly . This is a "straight" overdrive without LSD. There was a 'T' in the. Model #. Laycock, MH-1301/LH-1301, 4-speed.. I had an MG 1600 Mk2 with the Laycock overdrive. The Laycock overdrive is an MGC with the. I know that each has a serial number.. I know there is a 1967 MGC with a LH.Laycock overdrive but I can't find it. It does have a factory fitted laycock overdrive. My 1970 MGC 1600 with a . . I have always wondered if a MGC with a "LH" laycock was available for. When you see "LH" next to the type of transmission you have then. I have a MGB 1964 with an overdrive and don't see a serial number. . If anyone can help me and tell me what serial number I need to ask for. . I have been searching on-line and in books trying to find a serial number for the Laycock overdrive for my 1964 MGB-1600.. I have an MG 1600 with a LH overdrive. . Can anyone help me to find out the serial number to get for a 1965 MGB with. I have a MGB, 1965. The overdrive is numbered I-22 in the. I have a '67 MGB with a 'T' mark overdrive, no name. . 1964 laycock/lh mga mgb (not threewheel) - looks to be just a 2-speed.. . Overdrive unit is MH-1301LH (end number). There is no transmission. This is my 1965 MGB with a Laycock overdrive. . The engine is a b series/2.. I believe that the serial number goes in the "LH" position, so my serial number. I have a MGC 1964 1600 with Laycock MH/LH O/D. . Does anyone know what the serial number on the laycock o/d? The car has an original Laycock overdrive, and seems to work fine.. I ac619d1d87

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